Digital ignorance will kill your businesses

The digitisation of business is an increasingly strategic priority for businesses that wish to compete effectively in the long-term.

Effective service business leaders know that they cannot lead in an area in which they an insufficient understanding of.

Leaders that intend to drive adoption and transformation must first educate themselves in order to credibly facilitate the change needed in their context.

Yet most ‘digital’ training that is out there is irrelevant to these people. It is tactical at best and too-often is designed to spoon-feed ‘doers’ that don’t have the same set of responsibilities as senior-management / leadership.

So where do these leaders go to grow in digital? The problem is that there is no-where for them to go for it.

Consequences of digital ignorance

Here is what happens when business leaders do not understand digital sufficiently to foster its deeper integration into their business.

The biggest implication is that in many cases, your businesses will pour its money away with no hope of a return. Yet you will not detect this you, as the person signing the cheques, probably do not know how to measure impact and outcomes effectively. (Our measure of effective measurement is that you know how to make proactive decisions based on the data available to you).
Whilst your organisation stumbles around with no strategy or measurement in place, your competitors have a head-start to do things which help them establish themselves as the go-to innovators. With the inherent scaleability of digital, it is conceivable to imagine your competitors building a moat around their early lead for easy defence against latecomers.
Without a strong leader who know how to question your delivery stakeholders and collaborators, your business is at risk of group think whilst the HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion (HIPPOs) prevails again in the latest website redesign … with no one challenging the status quo with arguments built on … err … data and logical rationale.
Without a developed appreciation for ‘good digital’, you are less able to identify the right resource (agency / contractor / staff) to help them effectively move towards your objectives. Often you will not be able to succintly name your objectives for digital, outside of the standard clichéd responses: More traffic, more followers and other vanity measures.
& Disunity
Without a strong leader, your people will do their own thing, based on their own subjective performance criteria and opinions. This leads to duplicated and some times self-defeating effort among your delivery stakeholders. This directly costs you in time, money and opportunity. People will always tend to focus on vanity metrics, unless you keep them focussed.
Much of what ‘the gurus’ are telling your tactical-level people to do is simply not needed. Therefore your stakeholders will busy themselves with ineffective tactics that cost you money with no hope of a financial return. Most of what they do is simply keeping up with the Jones’.
We hear frequently of 'near miss' incidents of massive wastage by businesses blindly following the latest propositions from their digital agency. But we are seeing more outright fraud, where malevolent actors are seizing on the ignorance of businesses to sell them something they don't need. Unfortunately some businesses go along with it.

So, what's the solution?

There's no quick fix here, but we can get started. We propose our coaching/training solution designed specifically for leaders of service businesses like you. We call it EquipLeader .

Your training content will be tailored to your current knowledge and skill level as well as your competitive context; based on our research beforehand.

You will benefit from a short, sharp injection of knowledge that is relevant to you as a strategic thinking business leader, not as a budding marketer. The content is built on what matters to you.

There is no hype, jargon or judgement in our training; just commercially relevant and actionable insights that you can implement immediately. You quickly develop the competence to lead change at all levels in your organisation. You will have the clarity to know what needs changing, and the confidence to make it happen on your terms.

What outcomes should you expect?

When you fix your ignorance, you will be able to forevermore spot waste and eliminate it swiftly. The return on your investment in this knowledge is going to grow into the thousands and hundreds of thousands of percent. I'll expand on financial ROI shortly, but first here is a list of outcomes you can expect.

You will be able to effectively identify current digital campaigns and approaches that are not fit for purpose and realign or can them without harming progress towards your objectives.
You will learn how to eliminate wasted investment going forward by creating self-governance with the basics of an analytics strategy. This means your people will self-correct.
You will comprehend the basic building blocks of a digital strategy, enabling you to make swift changes that lead to improved results in the medium to long-term.
'guru talk'
You will know how to identify junk that is commonly sold as digital best-practice by understanding a handful of unchanging ‘digital success’ principles.
Group Think
You will spot signs of group think and be able to quickly challenge concensus, when it's not built on a solid rationale.
Build a
stellar team
You will be able to identify suitable collaborators internally and externally. Hiring and firing for key delivery roles will become stress and confusion free for you.
the future
You will be armed with some campaign ideas which can be built upon to form a strategic roadmap.

Yield 60 to 4000X returns from your investment

A managing director of an industrial equipment services provider told us that he had received a quotation for some website changes: The developer wanted £12,000.

Not knowing how to respond (since he didn't know if this was good value for his business or not), he asked us to review their quote and help him make a decision. After 30 minutes reviewing their quote and conducting a little research, we identified a solution for him that would cost him a total of £3,000 for the same business outcome - a saving of £9,000 on his investment in some knowledge of unchanging principles which guided us to a better solution.

Another occasion: A client's marketing manager was contacted by a 'domain expert' who had access to a specific domain that sounded too good to be true. It was highly relevant to their business and industry and for sure could be a great boost to their search rankings for certain niche terms. He was only asking for £4,000. They were near to handing him some money, and thought they'd check it with us. We found it unregistered and available for £0.99. They were nearly ££3,999 out of pocket, because they didn't know what they didn't know.

We believe that not only will you unlock thousands of percent return through new growth, you will make huge savings by avoiding waste and risk like in those scenarios.

Testimonials: Evidence that this works

Alistair’s knowledge of digital marketing and insight into strategic business planning is of the highest calibre. He is a great communicator in terms of his ability to explain his ideas and is able to present them in an exciting and engaging way. His genuine interest in and passion for our new business has been inspirational and motivating. Alistair is a delight to work with.

Julian Maron

When we started Know The Origin - we had no idea about the minefield that is digital. Alistair is so great to work with, he offers a lot of ideas and solutions, to develop our small business through data collection and analysis. He is so easy to work with; fast, efficient and he speaks a language that all can understand. No gimmicks, just wonderful quick strategy advice tailored to where we are at.

Charlotte Instone

I felt like you helped me declutter the “noise” and in turn it has help me to focus more clearly. This is probably linked to what I wrote above. I think my biggest challenge was that the big picture was blocking me from starting in small steps. I wanted the big picture to happen quickly, but that was also not practical – so you helped me to see that. I feel extremely excited about how you helped me realise the underlying mission of my project and this has actually helped give grounding and more definition to the business.

Leigh Goodman

Methodology & Options

We offer multiple delivery approaches for this solution. But underpinning each approach is the following methodology:

Our delivery of EquipLeader is subject to the following terms and conditions. Your application for this service is considered acceptance of these terms and conditions as well as our master services agreement.

Delivery Options
Option #1

  • Simple discovery process
  • 1 hour interactive presentation
  • 1 hour question and answer session
Option #2

Everything in option 1, plus:
  • 2 hour interactive presentation
  • Written follow up to questions raised during the presentation and Q&A.
  • Group presentation for up to three people in total.
Option #3

Everything in option 2, plus:
  • Enhanced discovery process
  • Additional data collection.
  • In-person delivery of the training. 1
  • Follow up telephone coaching call.
  • Two weeks of unlimited email access following the training.
Artefacts generated
Option #1

  • High-definition media files of the presentation and Q&A sessions.
  • High-resolution .pptx and .pdf presentation slides.
Option #2

Everything in option 1, plus:
  • Annotated copies of your discovery survey(s).
Option #3

Everything in option 2, plus:
  • All of our research notes.
  • Expert teardown of your website and other online assets, (screencast).
Risk-free Guarantee
We will stand by our  NOGAINNOPAIN  promise. If there's no ROI, you get your money back. We'll talk you through how this works in the next step.
The investment for EquipLeader starts at £479 2